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Volume 3, Number 32 OCTOBER 13, 2009


For You From the Word 

womanonpier.jpgDo not be afraid; do not be discouraged. Be strong and courageous. 
(Joshua 10:25)


For You To Think About

This past spring, the popular MTV True Life series aired a documentary titled, “I’m Placing My Baby for Adoption,” which followed two women who considered adoption during their unplanned pregnancies.

Attorney James R. Marsh  reports that the shows producers set clear goals for the drama: to help de-stigmatize the adoption process, to show that adoption is a choice that loving, responsible mothers make when they believe it's best for their child, and to express the range of emotions birthmothers experience during the decision process.

tvtakescene.jpgBut all the planning in the world could not script show’s outcome. “After working on several True Life documentaries, there was something especially unique (and challenging) during the production on this one,” said Hagan, one of the producers. “It was almost impossible to anticipate how things would end.”

Even in the most scripted environment – recorded television –  the courageous decision to place a child for adoption could only be made by one person: the birth mother.

For You To Pray

prayinghands160x240.jpgLoving Father,
Guide birthmothers who are considering adoption. Give them courage to make the best choice for their babies.



This Week's Prayer Focus

Birth moms considering adoption


Did You Know? 

In 1998, 56% of Americans held a "very favorable" opinion of adoption. Today, 63% hold this opinion.



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