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Friends4Life are special devotionals for people who care about women, children & families, delivered by email each week.

Devotionals: Fathers, Men

2hands.jpgThe past devotionals archived on this page tell stories of fathers and men.

78% Young Men Agree "There's Too Much Pressure" About Sex

A Guy's Letter to God

At Father's Day, One Birth Dad's Story

Father's Day: A Grateful Nation Honors Dads, Celebrates Fatherhood

Fatherhood Series #1: Effective Fathers Are Present

Fatherhood Series #2: Effective Fathers Are Teachers

Fatherhood Series #3: Effective Fathers Are Compassionate

Fatherhood Series #4: Effective Fathers Listen and Answer

Honor Your Heavenly Father on Father's Day

Joseph's First Response - and His Second One

Mom and Dad, Did You Know ...?

One Dad's Story: "I Needed Support and I Found It"

One Dad's Story: Mentor Helps Troy Break Absentee Dad Cycle

Support For Men Involved in an Unplanned Pregnancy

Thank You to All the Birth Dads Out There

The Origins of Father's Day

What Did An Unplanned Pregnancy Cost Him?

When a Guy Faces an Unplanned Pregnancy

When Guys Really Need Other Guys

Why Fathers Matter


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