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Friends4Life are special devotionals for people who care about women, children & families, delivered by email each week.

Devotionals: Adoption 

The past devotionals archived on this page tell stories of adoption.

3 Types of Adoption

5 Prayers of Thanks for Adoption

5 Questions Pregnant Women Ask When Considering Adoption

7 Simple Ways to Raise Adoption Awareness

7 Times as Many Adoptive Families for Every Child Lost to Abortion

A Myth and a Truth About Adoption

Aborted Children Can't Be Adopted

Adoption Myth #1: You Won't Know What Happens to Your Child

Adopiton Myth #2:  Is Placing a Child Irresponsible?

Adopton Myth #3: There Is No Role for the Birth Father

Birthmothers in MTV Documentary Consider Adoption

Country Music Star Rodney Atkins on Adoption

Every Child Is a Wanted Child

Hope Is Born In Rape Aftermath

How to Be Ready to Share About Adoption

How To Support Women Who May Choose Adoption

In A Weak Economy, More Birth Moms Are Placing

New TV Series Highlights Unplanned Pregnancy and Adoption

No Two Adoptions Are Alike

The Power of Positive Adoption Language

President Reagan on Adoption

Sharing the Adoption Option Through Media

Surprising Facts About Adoption

What Is the Adoption Triad?

Words Matter: A Primer for Positive Adoption Language

Why Not Choose Adoption Instead?


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