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Birthmothers’ signature one-on-one pregnancy support can be long-distance!

Today’s technology allows Birthmothers Friends to provide support by phone, email, texts, Facebook – even Skype. In many cases, Friends and their matched women live hundreds of miles apart.

woman-in-jeans-dialing-phone.jpgBirthmothers Friends have served women who live …

  • An hour away
  • In the next state
  • Across the country
  • On another continent

How a long-distance Birthmothers Friend can help

Support takes many forms. Even though a Birthmothers Friend may not live near a pregnant woman, she can still support her during pregnancy.

  • Friends listen as a woman sorts out her feelings and options
  • Friends provide information so the woman can make the best decision for herself and her baby
  • Friends connect her with practical assistance in her area like prenatal care, housing resources, legal aid
  • Friends encourage her
  • Friends pray with her

Here’s how a long-distance Friend partnership works:

  • A woman (or partner or family member) calls our 24/7 helpline (toll-free at 1-877-77BIRTH), and speaks with a caring Birthmothers call counselor.
  • The caller shares confidentially as much or as little as she chooses. The call counselor explains how the caller can be matched one-on-one with a Birthmothers Friend, no matter where the caller lives.
  • The caller can decide to be matched long-distance with a Friend. The Friend will initiate contact within 24-48 hours. 
  • The caller chooses  how she wishes the long-distance relationship to proceed, whether by phone, email, texting, Skype, or a combination.

We're here for you

If you or someone you know faces an unplanned pregnancy, This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it – no matter where you may live.
A Friend loves at all times … and in all places.



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